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Visitor Restrictions – Effective February 10, 2021

As we monitor the rate of the COVID-19 infections and continue to care for the health and safety of our patients, staff and community, we are now able to apply improved changes to our visitor policy. These important but precautionary changes will help us minimize the number of people in our hospital, keep risk of infection low and allow our patients to have their loved ones at their bedside.

Hospital visitors will be allowed based on the provided exceptions.

All visitors will be screened, temperature checked and required to wear a mask or face covering upon entrance. If a visitor has symptoms, they will not be allowed to enter the facility.

We do not want patients to delay care; our facilities are safe.

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Sheridan Hospital Offers Laser Lithotripsy for Kidney Stones – December 26, 2020

Sheridan Community Hospital continuously seeks to find new ways to work and implement improvements. The hospital offers new Urological procedures to the local community, including Laser Lithotripsy and iTind.

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Sheridan Hospital Strives to Provide Meaningful Careers – November 28, 2020

Sheridan Community Hospital strives to provide employees with a family-focused work environment and meaningful career experiences. Please visit the hospital’s website,, to apply or view all job opportunities.

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COVID-19 Testing Available 24/7!

Sheridan Community Hospital offers COVID-19 testing, available 24/7, through a drive-thru set up at the Emergency Department entrance.* If individuals are symptomatic, they can be evaluated at the SCH Walk-In Clinic/Emergency Department at any time. Drive-thru can be used for travel requirements, as well.

When individuals have an order for testing from their physician and do not need to be seen at the SCH Walk-In Clinic/Emergency Department, they can call the hospital main number (989-291-3261) to complete registration via phone. A nurse will then come out  to take a swab sample from their vehicle. Most insurances are accepted.

*COVID-19 rapid tests are not available at this location.


COVID-19 Antibody Testing Available 24/7!

Sheridan Community Hospital now has the capability to test for the SARS-CoV-2 IgG (COVID-19) antibody.

This test is performed using a routine blood sample and may be helpful in determining if you’ve had a past infection. It may also indicate possible protection from future infections of the COVID-19 virus. However, it may take 1-3 weeks for your body to develop antibodies. Results of antibody testing should be reviewed with your physician, since they may not be useful as a sole means of diagnosing a current COVID-19 infection.

The SARS-CoV-2 IgG (COVID-19) antibody test is available 24 hours a day, but an order from your provider is required.

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Visitor Restrictions – Effective November 9, 2020

The health and safety of our community and patients is our primary focus. Due to the steady increase in COVID-19 positive patients in Montcalm County, the surrounding counties, and Michigan, Sheridan Community Hospital and Sheridan Care has updated their visitor restrictions. Visitors will not be allowed until further notice, with the exception of the listed situations.

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Sheridan Community Hospital Increases Local Services – October 24, 2020

At times, medical care cannot wait. Sheridan Community Hospital serves Montcalm County and the surrounding communities by providing 24 hours a day, seven days a week access to care in departments such as the emergency department, walk-in clinic, diagnostic imaging, and laboratory.

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Sheridan Care Improves Access to Care in Rural Areas – September 26, 2020

Sheridan Care Clinic helps increase access to primary care services and specialized needs for patients in rural communities, from pediatrics to geriatrics. The Clinic provides personalized healthcare services and access to close to home for their patients and families.

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Harbor Light Recovery Helps Patients Reclaim Lives – August 22, 2020

Harbor Light Recovery provides a needed service to Montcalm County and the surrounding communities for those who struggle with substance use, including drugs, alcohol, and/or prescription medications. The program supports abstinence based and harm reduction approach to drug and alcohol addiction and provides a safe, supportive environment to help people understand or change the cycle of addition.

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Sheridan Community Hospital Features Specialty Physicians – July 25, 2020

A variety of visiting specialty physicians provide clinic visits and surgical services monthly in the hospital’s Specialty Clinic. A range of specialty services include gastroenterology, general surgery, ophthalmology, pain management, and vascular. These accessible, affordable services are available right in the local community.

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Sheridan Hospital Rehab Program Guides Patients to Recovery – June 27, 2020

Sheridan Community Hospital’s Swing Bed rehabilitation Program provides an interim step for patients’ long-term placement with specialized care to help patients recover from illness, stroke, injury or surgery. A patient’s customized care plan is designed to assist patients in healing and regaining their independence in a safe environment so they can return home.

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Sheridan Community Hospital Expands Its Services with New Hire – May 23, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has effected a majority of healthcare organizations, including Sheridan Community Hospital. However, the rural hospital has planned and continues to plan for the continued impact of the pandemic.

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Sheridan Community Hospital Remains Ready to Serve Community – April 25, 2020

Healthcare workers around the world are on the front lines of battling the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). They are unable to stay home and practice social distancing. Even though many of the staff at Sheridan Community Hospital and Sheridan Care Clinic put themselves in the path of the virus, they continue to use preventive measures and help slow the spread of COVID-19. They understand their importance in the community and are ready to help.

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Rural Hospitals Even More Important During Pandemic – March 28, 2020

Rural hospitals, like Sheridan Community Hospital, provide vital services in rural areas and often serve as the foundations of rural health care delivery systems. With any community illness, the accessibility of quality medical care is important. During the global pandemic of COVID-19, rural hospitals are even more important.

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