Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan


The Sheridan Community Hospital (SCH) board, medical staff, senior management and employees established the organization’s goals, strategies and metrics. All input and suggestions were compiled and the board approved a final strategic plan for SCH’s next two years. The strategic plan is the foundation for the organization’s work.

The board set out two overarching ideas that it believes must inform the SCH Strategic Plan:

(1) A data-driven continuous quality improvement process must be established and implemented; this process should dictate how all work—administration, support, patient care, custodial, everything—is carried out at the hospital; and

(2) The hospital’s clinics must be considered in all aspects of strategic planning.


Goal 1: Increase public awareness of services.

Goal 2: Attract and retain primary care providers

Goal 3: Finish each year with a positive bottom line.

Goal 4: Strengthen staff professional development (skills and customer service).

Goal 5: Community education and awareness.

Metrics for Each Goal

For each of the goals, there are metrics that will guide whether we are achieving desired outcomes by implementing strategies. Metrics for Success under each goal will identify which information is already collected, which information will require new collection methods, a benchmark starting point, and an end point metric that signals success.

Implementation Process

The Plan represents a compilation of work done to date – the process - it will remain a dynamic fluid work-in-process. Each goal has been assigned a goal champion, who in turn has brought together action teams who are accountable for implementation. The action teams have the latitude to select and prioritize strategies and action plans. The action teams will select what they see as accomplishable and will make a difference. The implementation process work is an intentional process for the hospital, which requires a new way of thinking and communicating.


People make a plan come alive, it is only as good as the team charged with its implementation. This strategic plan has been pulled together by a team of dedicated people, dedicated to the success of SCH. We look forward to the plan bringing it alive and making a difference.

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